North Carolina Stairlifts

Sometimes called chair-lifts, stair-chairs, and elevator chairs, stairlifts are an easy and affordable way for those who have limited mobility to regain their freedom and independence within their surroundings; allowing them to remain in their homes. Stairlifts can be made to fit any type of staircase and our custom curved stairlifts can take you around corners and up several landings.

Clients have the option of customizing their stairlift in the configuration and design that fits their home design.

Let us help you choose the right stairlift to suit your mobility needs and budget.


Straight stairs are the easiest and most straight-forward stair lifts to install. In normal circumstances one of our slim, neat, specifically designed stair lifts can be installed within just a few days. Our straight stairlifts are designed to blend easily into your home. Our straight stairlifts are recommended to suit both quality, safety, reliability, and your budget.

Choose the diagram that most resembles your staircase: Standard Straight, Straight 90 Fan Turn, Straight 90 Flat With Step.


Our indoor and outdoor straight stairlifts come in a variety of colors. These stairlifts can be made to fit any straight staircase, no matter the length.



Indoor Stairlifts available in various colors and styles


We have the world’s only true outdoor curved stairlift. The rail is zinc coated, which protects it from all types of weather. Whether you have a curved staircase or unusual shaped steps, we can help you tackle your stairs with ease, with one of our curved stairlifts. Our curved stairlifts are custom-made to measure, in a wide selection of upholstery and rail colors that will coordinate with your home’s decor.

Choose the diagram that most resembles your staircase: 90 Flat Turn, 180 Flat Turn, Double 90 Flat Turn, 90 Short Radius, 180 Short Radius, Double 90 Short Radius, 90 Large Radius, 180 Large Radius, 270 Large Radius

We are the proud installers for most manufacturers. We also provide service and maintenance on all of these stairlifts